Leading beverage manufacturer, and private label producer with facilities in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia officially certifies vegan with BeVeg.

05/26/2020 (Sydney, Australia) Bevpax, a leading beverage producer, in Australia, offering innovative branded and private label solutions, natural product innovation, and beverage manufacturing solutions certifies vegan with BeVeg International, an accredited global vegan standard by ISO 17065.

BevPax is an established network of beverage professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the beverage industry. BevPax has manufacturing facility locations in Vietnam, Malaysia, and R&D facilities in Australia. BevPax also offers private label solutions and currently works with clients in Australia, USA, and Europe developing, designing, and manufacturing a range of products that enhance customer brands. The product lines include: coconut waters (conventional and sparkling), tonic waters, aloe drinks, watermelon waters, juices, collagen drinks, and protein drinks.

Officially, BevPax Tonics, Coco Vio, Juicy Vio, and Aloe Vio, along with many other companies from across the globe, proudly sport the BeVeg global vegan trademark as an official badge of honor after passing the strict vegan certification process.

BeVeg international is a vegan certification firm with standards drafted by lawyers. As the only law firm in the world to specialize in vegan certification, regulation, and advocacy, BeVeg is paving a path forward for veganism that is clearly defined and trusted.

“BeVeg raises the standard for consumer transparency through its ISO 17065 accreditation, indicating the implementation of industry best practices and international standardization,” says Carissa Kranz, Esq., founder and CEO of BeVeg.