Rabbit Hole Foods, an LA based vegan food company offers an ever-growing line of plant-based spreads and dips for everyone! Rabbit Hole Foods’ Un-Tuna, Un-Egg, Un-Chicken Curry, Un-Crab, Creamy Artichoke and Spinachoke Dips are all hand-crafted with whole food plant ingredients like organic chickpeas, artichokes, jackfruit and hearts of palm, and wonderfully prepared to create familiar comfort foods, inspired by classic recipes, and re-imagined for today’s conscious consumer. 

Rabbit Hole Foods invites everyone to get curious and wonder about the foods we eat. When we allow ourselves to be more conscious about what we consume and how it affects us and the world we live in, we step into a whole wonderland of new possibilities. In this way, Rabbit Hole Foods makes it easy and exciting to say yes to new plant-based foods and no to unnecessary harm to animals. 

Rabbit Hole Foods is now vegan certified by BeVeg International, the first accredited vegan standard in the world by ISO 17065. 

“The BeVeg vegan symbol makes it simple for consumers to assure that the product they are consuming is without animal exploitation,” says Rosanna Caira, CEO. “As a vegan company, we want to let the consumer know and manufacturers know vegan matters, and we take vegan claims seriously.”

Rabbit Hole Foods is sold in many retailers in southern California including Whole Foods, Gelson’s, Erewhon, Lassens, Follow Your Heart, Mothers Markets and so many more amazing independent markets like Besties Vegan Paradise and Lento market. Rabbit Hole Foods products are also recently available nationwide through the new online vegan store GTFO It’s Vegan at gtfoitsvegan.com

Rabbit Hole Foods is working its way across the country making their line of vegan spreads and dips available to all. It’s a very merry unmeat day to all! #boycott meat.

Rabbit Hole Foods at Laws THAT Matter with Carissa Kranz.