How are animal sanctuaries holding up during COVID? Kit Collins, Out To Pasture Sanctuary‘s co-founder and director, updates us! At OTP, they believe that animals value their lives as much as we value our own and deserve to live free of exploitation and cruelty and it shows. Far from the hustle bustle, the minute you enter the farm sanctuary you can feel the joy and the love coming from all the residents. Rabbits rescued from laboratories, chickens, pigs, goats, cats, dogs, and even a llama and donkey. They’re all rescued from sad, and some even tragic situations, and are now safe and happy. Out To Pasture Sanctuary, “Where all living beings are treated with kindness and compassion!” You can follow OTP in Facebook or Instagram. Dani Rukin reporting LIVE in Oregon for #JaneUnChained news.

Work volunteer doing her best not to let Barb tip over the piggy poop-filled wheelbarrow while trying to get a nice scratch.


One of the perks of being on the all volunteer work crew is getting to take cuddle breaks with the residents.


Love is love!


Out To Pasture’s co-founder and co-director Kit Collins, (along with husband John Collins), calling all the piggies for some camera time. They are always ready for their close up!


When you’re handsome and you know it.


When you’re handsome and you know it.


Peewee is always down for a belly rub.


“This is a scratch post, right?”