Elysabeth Alfano's TOP TEN TIPS for Staying Vegan When Eating Out

Friends are heading out to a non-vegan restaurant and you want to go with?! Never fear! Elysabeth Alfano has got you covered with her TOP TEN TIPS for Staying Vegan When Eating Out! Follow Elysabeth at Elysabeth Alfano: Radio Show & Awesome Vegans Podcast/Video Series Host#topten #tips #eatingout #stayingvegan #plantbased #vegan

Posted by Elysabeth Alfano: Radio Show & Awesome Vegans Podcast/Video Series Host on Sunday, June 28, 2020

The video explains it best, but below is the cliff notes to my Top Ten Tips for Staying Vegan When Eating Out!

  1. Plan ahead: when traveling, pack your own snack. Cashews, dates, edamame, and fruit are all great options.
  2. Check ahead: pick a restaurant that has options for you.
  3. Ask what the chef can make you. Any good chef should be able to whip up some good veggies for you.
  4. Don’t be shy: gone are the days of feeling embarrassed. Instead feel empowered to take back your health.
  5. Order salads and if they take off the meat and cheese, then tell them to load on the mushrooms and whole grains!
  6. Order from the sides. Spinach, potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms! Make your own meal!
  7. Pay it forward: If a restaurant tells you they are having trouble creating a vegan meal for you, tell them to contact me! If you can’t cook your veggies, you ain’t no chef. This will get them in the groove to create more vegan meals in the future.
  8. Check out my 5-Day plan on ElysabethAlfano.com/Recipes to get lots of encouragement, tips and tricks!
  9. Parties: Bring your own. Hummus! Guacamole!  If you think there won’t be anything for you to eat, bring your own. The host will love you!
  10. Sign up for my Jumpstart Your Plant-based Life class to get all the nutritional info you need to get on your way to a plant-based  diet! 

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