I’m an expert in veganism, right? Well, that’s what I thought… until I got shown up by a nut. And, that nut is the marvelous and magical macadamia nut.

It turns out, macadamia nuts make the smoothest, creamiest plant-based milk you could ever ask for.

Milkadamia! That’s the brand. This macadamia nut milk is the latest hot thing. On a recent morning, my sample carton showed up in the mail. I rejoiced seeing it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened! That’s a huge plus in today’s stockpile culture.

My Milkadamia had arrived at the perfect moment. I immediately poured some into my overnight oats and voila… Milkadamia transformed it into a creamy, delicious concoction! It’s great in coffee too. Zero aftertaste.

Then, I saw that Milkadamia has… are you ready… 50% more calcium than regular milk. The list of Milkadamia attributes is long. It’s a great product.

One quick thing. No Milkamania for Fido. Macadamia nuts are poisonous for dogs.

Now, let’s meet the visionary behind this amazing alternative to cow’s milk: Milkadamia CEO Jim RIchards.

Milkadamia promo

Milkadamia is a hot new plant-based milk. Get steamed baby!

Milkadamia buttery spread.

Milkadamia’s product line is mouthwatering. This dairy-free, buttery spread is great for toast or a decadent pie.