Omnipork! Can one product change the future of food for a continent?

Omnipork by David Yeung

Can one man change the direction of China?  Maybe. David Yeung started Green Monday in 2012, and subsequently Green Common in 2015 and OmniPork in 2019 to address the issues of a rising population, climate change, food scarcity, and animal cruelty in China. He is a world change-maker for the sustainable common good and a gentle force to be reckoned with, hopefully guiding China towards a healthier future for people, the planet and animals.

David Yeung and Elysabeth Alfano

Omnipork alone is selling 1 Million packages a week in Taiwan! This shows that there is demand and there is interest in a plant-based lifestyle, particularly from a country that has such a steeped history in veganism.

David sits down with Elysabeth Alfano on her eponymous radio show and discusses the effects of Westernization in Asia, growing health problems, the coronavirus and his Hong-Kong based plant-based businesses and their impact. For information, visit and her radio show here.

David Yeung and Elysabeth Alfano

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