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America’s Horses Under Attack! Jane UnChained LIVETALK withAnimal Wellness Foundation! Marty Irby brings us up to date on proposed new federal laws to stop the horror of shipping 70,000 American horses a year to Mexico and Canada for slaughter! What you can do?! Call your Congressmember! The information is below! The slaughter of American equines for human consumption claimed the lives of around 70,000 horses in 2018–most of them perfectly healthy and fit to be companions or competitors. Horse slaughter is nothing but cruelty and suffering: The horses are transported long distances without food or water. During the slaughter process itself, these frightened, skittish animals suffer multiple blows to be rendered unconscious. While language has been routinely included in a yearly spending bill to prevent horse slaughter plants from operating in the U.S., the SAFE Act H.R. 961  would provide a permanent solution to keep plants shuttered and stop the export of horses across the border for slaughter. Wild horses are also at risk, as some groups have put forth a dangerous proposal to roundup 130,000 wild horses, which would place these majestic animals in danger of slaughter.

Horses want to live and love just like we do!

Jane explains that America was literally built on the sacrifices of countless horses. How do we repay them? With cruel unnecessary deaths, that’s how. Horses bred in captivity and wild horses alike are in danger of becoming casualties of the animal agriculture industry. Marty further explains horses that are bred are oftentimes deemed unsuitable for use in championship competitions so they are sent to slaughter amongst other cruel fates like being used for carriage rides. Even a horse named Ferdinand who was ridden to win the Kentucky Derby reportedly ended up in Japanese slaughterhouse.  Jane points out that many horses sent to slaughter are also discarded pets much like her own beloved horse that “disappeared” when she was a child. Wild horses are in danger of being round up so that they can clear the land they’ve run on for hundreds of years to breed livestock for meat. The whole practice is baffling to people who love horses and all animals. Marty says the good news is amazingly brave compassionate legislators like Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Congressman Vern Buchanan are working alongside Animal Wellness Foundation and a coalition of about 50 other animal charity groups are fighting back for these horses! They have successfully “de facto” banned their slaughter by defunding horse slaughter and now they aim to make it illegal to export their meat which will all but extinguish the demand for the slaughter of these animals for human consumption. The slaughter of any animal is fundamentally wrong and these horses are no exception. Take a stand for these horses today and contact your congress member with the information below! You have the power to stop this horrible practice!

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The United States Government, the animal agriculture industry, and all others mentioned are invited on to respond at any time.

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CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEMBER: 202 225-3121. If you give your zip code, they connect you with your rep. TELL THEM TO PASS THE “SAFE ACT” – H.R. 961/SENATE BILL 2006.

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