Photo courtesy of Amber Canavan from a recent demonstration against the “vegan surcharge” outside a Starbucks in the Pacific Northwest.

Sit-ins across the USA for weeks – protesters telling Starbucks to stop charging extra for vegan milk! Demonstrators urge consumers to help by calling Starbucks customer service line and/or going to their facebook page and leaving a comment asking them to please stop charging more for vegan drinks! Starbucks just released some sustainability commitments and admitted dairy is one of its most environmentally destructive products. Starbucks made headlines when it said, specifically, that it planned to add more plant-based options. Environmentalists applaud that move. It’s clearly time for them to drop the surcharge for vegan milks! Reps from Starbucks are invited on anytime to share their views. Dani Rukin reporting #LIVE for #JaneUnChained News.

Activists in Portland conduct a sit-in in Starbucks by not purchasing anything to protest the surcharge for vegan milk.

Milk is for baby cows. Why pay extra for cruelty-free options?

Text Starbucks 73822 to stop the surcharge.