Join us for #LunchBreakLIVE with the fabulous Rabbit Hole Foods’ owners Rosanna Caira and Walter D. Morris, making easy and scrumptious holiday appetizers with their delicious minimally processed products, made with the finest ingredients, including chickpeas, jackfruit, tofu and more. These incredible products are available at Whole Foods MarketErewhon MarketLassens MarketFollow Your Heart Market and CafeFollow Your HeartRainbow Acres Natural Foods MarketKarma Baker and more to come!


Un-Chicken, Un-Tuna, Un-Crab, Un-Egg: Same taste, 100% plant-based!

#LunchBreakLIVE with the fabulous owners of Rabbit Hole Foods:Rosanna Caira and Walter D. Morris! They're making easy and scrumptious holiday appetizers that are 100% plant-based! They brilliantly use chickpeas, jackfruit, tofu and other veggies to perfectly mimic comfort foods. Check out their Un-Tuna, Un-Chicken, Un-Egg and Un-crab! These incredible products are available at Whole Foods Market, Erewhon Market, Lassens Market, Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe/ Follow Your Heart, Rainbow Acres Natural Foods Market, Karma Baker and more to come!

Posted by Jane Unchained News on Monday, December 2, 2019


Let’s learn a little more about Rabbit Hole Foods journey (info taken from their website)

Have you been wondering about your food?
Where it comes from and how it came to be on your plate?

“We began wondering about these things in 2012, in a cozy little neighborhood cafe on the outskirts of Los Angeles, called The Rabbit Hole Cafe (our wonderland). It was a sweet, bohemian place that invited guests to “get curious” about their food and themselves. As what you eat, must become you.

It is there, where Rabbit Hole Foods original Un-Tuna Melt was created. A grilled “tuna-like” sandwich made with organic, house prepared chickpeas, carefully textured and combined with just the right ingredients. Our Un-Tuna quickly replaced our “real tuna” to become our top-selling sandwich.

The more we wondered, the more our white rabbit (curiosity) led us to find that eating animals was no longer becoming of us, and so we transitioned to an entirely whole food, plant-based menu composed of our favorite comfort foods, reimagined and veganized into fantastic plant-based meals that would be deeply satisfying and truly comforting.

Today, Rabbit Hole Foods, continues to make its way as a food technology company, developing whole food, plant-based, minimally processed, prepared foods that are wonderfully delicious, nutritious and convenient. How becoming of us!”


Rosanna Caira and Walter D. Morris with Jane Velez-Mitchell.



How delicious do these look!?


Un-crab vegan deliciousness.  So many different ways to create awesome appetizers!


Rosanna Caira and Walter D. Morris standing next to their delicious spread!


So many beautiful options to create with the Rabbit Hole Foods brand.