#LunchBreakLIVE whips up Just Egg, the fabulous, plant-based, cholesterol-free egg substitute that is so delicious and easy! Join filmmaker, animal activist and media campaign creator of Their Turn founder Donny Moss as he schools Jane on the incredible edible egg alternative! Better for us, the animals and the planet!



Just, Inc has a mission to find a sustainable way to feed people delicious food that is healthy and accessible to everyone.  They soared to popularity with a mayonnaise-type product, Just Mayo, and now have created Just Egg among other delicious foods and dressings.



Let’s check out what Donny and Jane scrambled up in this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE using these delicious plant-based eggs!


Ingredients used for this awesome brunch!


The Recipe

The Donny Moss Scramble


For two to three servings:

Sauté half of a small chopped onion, two cloves of mixed garlic and a chopped tomato. Then add a whole container of Just Egg and scramble. While scrambling, add cheese of your choice, salt and pepper. Also add a pinch of Himalayan black salt which can be ordered online. Add chopped chives at the end and mix in.  Enjoy!


Donny about to take a bite out of his delicious creation!


The finished scramble made with Just Eggs!


Be sure to try Just Eggs. They truly are delicious!

Just Eggs Are Just Amazing!

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