JaneUnChained LIVETALK coming to you on Voice America Radio and Facebook Simulcast. The world is changing! California Bans the Sale of Fur & Animals in Circuses! The panel discussion features Carissa Krantz, Vegan Attorney of BevVeg, Melissa Breslow of The Open Eyes Foundation, Paige Parsons Roache of JaneUnChained, and Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnChained

Photo: PETA

Thanks to the efforts of animal rights organizations like PETA, Social Compassion in Legislation, Direct Action Everywhere, and Animal Hope and Wellness to name a few and elected officials who put the ethics of the community first, it has been a historic week for animals! Governor Gavin Newsom signed several revolutionary animal rights bills into law! These laws include AB 44, which bans the sale of fur. SB 313, bans the use of animals in circus acts. AB 1260 bans the sale of exotic animal skins and body parts. Lisa Karlan calls into the show to add another bill the governor signed, AB 128, which aims to protect California’s horse population from being sent to slaughter. AB 1254 was also signed into law and outlaws the trophy hunting of bobcats until 2025. It’s so amazing to see all of this new legislation to protect animals be actualized. Hopefully, more laws will be passed in the future to give our fellow animals more rights and protections from human practices!

Photo: Social Compassion in Legislation

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Photo: PETA


Jane Velez-Mitchell and  Paige Parsons Roache reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of PETA & Social Compassion in Legislation.