The perfect vegan grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup on today’s #SaturdaySnackdown with Erin Riley-CarrascoPETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50. Believe it or not, it’s sometimes quite difficult to find tomato soup that is NOT vegan! Many times it’s a bisque so it contains cream. This delicious combo is perfect comfort food for the Fall Season and Erin shares her favorite products to achieve this tasty meal. Enjoy! #janeunchained #comfortfood #vegangrilledcherse



If you’re looking for the best ingredients for the PERFECT vegan grilled cheese sandwich, Erin Riley-Carrasco shares her favorite products! On today’s Saturday Snackdown, she makes a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and pairs with a hearty vegan tomato soup and dill pickles.  Believe it or not, it’s often quite difficult to find vegan tomato soup in stores! Sprouts only has ONE vegan tomato soup & Trader Joe’s has none! Almost all tomato soups in stores are “bisque” so they contain cream. The brand she used in this segment is “Rao’s Tomato Basil.” soup from Sprouts. Perfect comfort food for the Fall.   #saturdaysnackdown #govegan #vegancomfortfood #bestvegancheese

The ingredients used for this hearty fall meal.


Erin posing with her delicious vegan grilled cheese and tomato soup!




Orrowwheat Dill Rye Bread
Follow Your Heart American Cheese
Miyoko’s vegan butter
Trader Joe’s Seasoning
Trader Joe’s Vegan Organic Ketchup
Rao’s Tomato soup
Full Circle Organic Croutons
Claussen Dill Pickels
1. Butter each side of the Dill bread with Miyoko’s vegan butter and put it into the skillet. Have your heat on medium.
2. Place 2 1/2 piece of Follow Your Heart vegan American cheese on one side of the bread
3. Flip after a minute or two when the bread is toasted. Put one half of the bread on top of the side with cheese. Push down with the spatula to help melt the cheese. Flip over. Season with the Trader Joe’s Seasoning Salt and then flip a second time and season the second side. 
4. Remove from the skillet and put it on a plate. Pair with your warmed up tomato soup topped with the vegan croutons and a dill pickle. ENJOY!