There are 7 bills on California Governor Gavin Newsom‘s desk that he needs to sign.  LET HIM KNOW!
CALL THE GOV at: 916 445-2841, press 1 and then 6
SAY: I SUPPORT THE 7 pro animal bills on Governor Newsom’s desk. Please sign them now! They are: SB 64, SB 313, SB202, AB 1260, AB 733 and AB 1254 and AB44.
Social Compassion In Legislation‘s Judie Mancuso explains why these bills are so crucial and need to become law now!

Here is a breakdown of each of the 7 pro-animal bills on Governor Newsom’s desk right now! We have until October 13th! Call NOW! The animals cannot call themselves!


SB 202 will allow for animals that live with their owners to give blood at commercial blood banks.

microchipped dog

The bill mandates microchipping for all dogs and cats being adopted from shelter or rescue or reclaimed by owner.


AB 1260 would add hippopotamus’, sharks, stingrays, and many reptiles to a list that already includes big cats, polar bears, dolphins, and other threatened or endangered species.

waste cans

Hazardous waste must be disposed of properly to protect public health and the environment. Today, Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) introduced AB 733, which will enable California to identify this waste more humanely and accurately.


CA Senator Hueso joins Councilmember Koretz and celebrities at Los Angeles City Hall to announce legislation that would institute a statewide ban on traveling wild-animal exhibitions


California has always been a leader when it comes to wildlife protection and Assembly Bill 1254 keeps in line with this tradition by putting a stop to the trophy hunting of bobcats here. “According to an April 2019 poll, nearly 70% of Californians oppose trophy hunting of bobcats. Since bobcat trapping was banned and the sale of their pelts prohibited, nobody is hunting bobcats for anything other than a trophy. The last thing bobcats need is to be killed for nothing more than a trophy.” From San Diego Union Tribune

This iconic PETA poster shows the horror of fur. The legislation, Assembly Bill 44, would ban the manufacture and sale of new fur products.