Animal Rebellion. Photo by Tom Dorrington

#LIVETALK with London-based Animal Rebellion’s, Laila Kassam! Laila became vegetarian in 2010 soon after she started meditating, and started practicing veganism in 2013 after educating herself about animal oppression. In 2015 she co-founded the Veterinary Vegan Network. She is a co-founder of Ethical Globe, a platform and community that seeks to support vegans to live their values, launching in Spring 2019. She helped organize the Extinction Rebellion mass protests in London, helping to coordinate the blockade of the famous Lambeth Bridge. She is currently co-editing a book entitled ‘Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward’, due to be published in 2020. Dani Rukin news anchor for #JaneUnChainedThe Save Movement

Animal Rebellion Think Tank in Toronto with AR’s co-organizer Laila Kassam and DxE organizer, Aidan Cook.

Animal Rebellion Think Tank in Toronto with Save Movement founder Anita Krajnc.

Animal Rebellion Think Tank in Toronto with DxE organizer, Aidan Cook.

From October 7 onward: Join the Animal Rebellion.