Intersection at nearby chicken slaughterhouse shut down by activists. Their message: Justice for all, including animals.

LIVE! Rush hour at a standstill! Activists blocking busy Monday morning intersection in solidarity with activists inside nearby slaughterhouse where they have it on lock down! Their demands: 1. Begin releasing animals to activists on site 2. Cancel expansion of slaughter operations and transform the slaughterhouse under construction in London, ON to become a plant protein facility 3. Bring CEO Michael McCain to come talk to us 4. Help transform the food industry by taking leadership in phasing out animal exploitation products and transitioning to plant-based foods 5. When this facility shuts down, donate this facility to become a community space + garden to serve the local community who have been affected by its violence. Part of the Animal Liberation Conference. Go to @liberationto #liberationto Dani Rukin in Toronto reporting for #JaneUnChained News.

Aggressive driver is no match for defiant and love-based insistence.


Taking over the streets.

Theme of the Animal Liberation Conference-Toronto: Love is an action.

Animal liberation now.

Grassroots outreach and leafleting with a “captive’ audience.

Chalktivism messages of animal rights.

Power in numbers.

Unity and peace.