Collaborating with the police to insure a peaceful event.

#JaneUnChained #Canada #LIVE! Listen to Anita Krajnc, founder of The Save Movement, who was arrested and charged for giving water to a pig bound for slaughter – she put animal agriculture on trial by spearheading thousands of pig, cow and chicken vigils around the world! At this location, pigs are headed to a gruesome death after living agonizing lives. The Save Movement allows people to bear witness and offer water and love to animals in the death trucks as they approach the end of their short lives. Hear Anita discuss the Movement’s critical adjustment in tactics with a momentum-driven and strategy-based approach based on the book, This Is An Uprising, as part of their grand strategy: to shut down Fearman’s and all slaughterhouses! This campaign is the first of what will be many to come: to switch slaughterhouses into plant-based food facilities. Hundreds have turned out for the animals. Slaughterhouse owners are invited on any time to respond. Dani Rukin reporting for JaneUnChained News. Demonstration with Toronto Pig Save Toronto Pig Save.

Hundreds gather to stage die-in at nearby intersection outside slaughterhouse.

Shut it down.

Every image of individuals on the death trucks before being killed.

Anita Krajnc, founder of The Save Movement.

Activist Jenny McQueen preparing activists for die-in.

Former pig slaughterhouse worker and pig breeding manager, now vegan animal rights activist talking about what goes on behind these gates.