Activists stage ‘die-in’ outside slaughterhouse where 50,000 pigs are killed every week.

#JaneUnChained #Canada #LIVE! Animal and #ClimateChangeactivists stage a huge die-in in the middle of a busy intersection in Burlington, Ontario outside massive pig slaughterhouse where 50,000 pigs are killed every week! The protesters are raising awareness about the fact that pigs, smarter than dogs, face a gruesome death after agonizing lives. Hundreds turn out for the animals! This is what momentum-driven and strategy-based mass protest looks like based on the book, Ths Is An Uprising! Toronto Pig Save The Save Movement Dani Rukin reporting for JaneUnChained News. Slaughterhouse reps are invited on any time to respond. Share this video now. Animal Liberation Toronto Conference.

Stopping traffic to honor the millions killed here every year.

Hear the pigs screams from inside the slaughterhouse.

Every image of individuals on the death trucks before being killed.

10,000 pigs a day are killed here.

Bearing witness.

No trespassing? What have they got to hide?

Shut it down.

Activist Lori Croonen speaking out.

All animals deserve respect.