These ingredients are bursting with robust flavors!

Join today’s LunchBreakLIVE with Canadian Chef Pam Pras and Los Angeles’ based activist Adam Leo for a delightful culinary experience making savory plant-based Beef Curry! This dish skips the cruelty and is still bursting with flavor. The best part is you can use electric pots like the Instant Pot and Crock-Pot to make this dish in a hurry! Just set the timers after adding the ingredients and go on living your life until it’s ready to be devoured!

This masala powder authenticates this curry!

Although Chef Pam and Adam use an Instant Pot and a Crock-Pot to make this recipe finish in a flash, you can take your time and make it in traditional pots on the stove if you prefer. Chef Pam dices cilantro and chiles while Adam chops the potatoes. Then, Adam adds the potatoes cilantro and organic tomato puree to the Crock-Pot. Adam shaves a sliver of ginger to add for flavor. Chef Pam adds the diced chiles, diced garlic, and diced onions into the crockpot. Next, they add the frozen vegetables and diced garlic. Meanwhile, the rice is cooking away in the Instant Pot no stirring or watching needed! Adam suggests using one cup of rice to two and a half cups of water in the Instant Pot when preparing the rice. Masala blended spices, cumin, turmeric, and coriander powder make the flavor take you straight to India. Adam tosses in the two packs of Gardein beefless tips and 2 cups of water and their work is done!

This dish is sure to take your taste buds to India!

Jane explains this dish proves you can have all the flavor without the cruelty. You also don’t consume the cholesterol found in animal products when you opt for plant-based foods instead. You save animals, your body, and the planet when you choose to eat a plant-based diet! This dish wows Jane and Sarah Segal. The beefless bites taste and seem so much like actual beef it’s crazy. This is a great dish to prepare for your pre-vegan friends, so they will see what vegan food really is, delicious! There are endless amounts of vegan recipes too. Make this veganized curry today and share the flavors of compassion with everyone you know!

Chef Pam Pras and Adam Leo pose proudly. Great teamwork to make this delicious Beefless Curry!


Jane-Velez Mitchell reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Jane-Velez Mitchell.

A whole arsenal of traditional spices are needed for this flavorful curry!

Pam’s Vegan Beef curry
This dish will serve 4-5 people
We are using all organic ingredientsWe will start by
Cooking the rice in a saucepan for 55 min
1 cup  of rice 2 1/2 cups of water
Of course, if you have a rice cooker it will
Take a fraction of the timeAs for our main dish, we will
Use a crockpot

2 teaspoons of oil

1/2 an onion or about 3 tablespoons of chopped

6 bulbs of garlic – chop all the garlic until it’s finely diced

Just a sliver of ginger dice it well and add it to
The crockpot

2 medium-size potatoes
Peel them and cut them into about 3 equal
Parts and then chop them into 1/4 blocks

Take two fresh hot chilis
Chop them until they are finely diced
( make sure they are a solid color and firm not
Soft and wash your hands very well after using them)

2 packs of Gardein beefless tips.

1 handful of cilantro
Finley chopped and add to the crockpot

1/2 a pack of California style frozen mixed vegetables

1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon of ground coriander

1 teaspoon of Garam Masala Powder

2 cups of water

A little more than 1/2
of Organico Bella bottle
Which is just organic tomato sauce

1/2 a teaspoon  or 2 pinches of salt

Cook for about 1/2 an hour or press the
Meat and stew button