The Vegan Wrap! The wild three-some of Gwenna Hunter, Kenziah Rubens and Elysabeth Alfano (host of Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series) are back on The Vegan Wrap, Ep 18 dishing up all the plant-based news you can handle: Miley Cyrus, Simon Cowell, man arrested for saving his dog, women raided by authorities with  guns over permiteed coyotes, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, The Game Changers (of course) and Arnold taking on the meat industry, the Meatless Farm Co. comes to the U.S…and, the Impossible Whopper!

You’ve got to see it to believe it.  Tune in every Thursday at 5p PST as  The Vegan Wrap takes on all the vegan news…and then some.