Angie poses with all the ingredients she used today to make this delicious meal!

TODAY on LunchBreakLIVE we have special guest Angela Means Kaaya, celebrity Chef and CEO of Jackfruit Cafe, sizzles up juicy plant-based burgers sponsored by Beyond Meat! You’ve seen Angela in the films Friday, House Party 3 and the hit show Cousin Skeeter, on Nickelodeon, where she plays the mom! Her most notable role was in the movie, Friday, where she played a drug addict who is dismissed by the protagonist, Craig, played by the rapper Ice Cube when he says, “Bye Felicia.”  Today she’s making us a Southwest bacon burger and a teriyaki burger with fresh figs for several eager taste testers.

Add a little water and your Beyond Meat Burgers will stay super juicy! Yum!

Angela is the queen of jack fruit with her all-vegan Jack Fruit Café. In the past, she had a very popular restaurant she shared with a donut shop but it was so popular the shop couldn’t handle it. So Angie took her show on the road in her Jackfruit Cafe food truck. The truck has been so popular, she opening up another brick-and-mortar restaurant! Keep an eye out for her new restaurant, that will feature a “smart kitchen” where you can order before you come and pick up your food. Check it out in Santa Monica in the next few months. Angie is “strong and fearless and ready to bring everyone into the future with us” with each vegan dish that she serves!

Who needs bacon made from animals when you can eat bacon that’s just as delicious from Upton’s Naturals??

Beyond Meat generously donated these burgers for a kids charity event Patrizia and Angie hosted for Animal Hero Kids organized by the author, Susan Hargreaves. Oh boy, are these burgers cooking! They look like they are bleeding, but it’s not blood! Beet juice seeps out while Angie browns them. She explains that they don’t need any cooking oil but she adds water to maintain their juiciness. She adds delicious cheese from Follow Your Heart and Daiya vegan cheeses. To top off all of the delicious plant-based goodness, Angie adds Upton’s Naturals vegan seitan bacon.

Who knew you could eat compassionately and have burgers that look like this!

The burgers are the prettiest vegan burgers we’ve ever seen! Jane says no one is sacrificing anything by eating burgers that look and taste like these! Angie adds some green with a beautiful leafy salad. The special taste testers today, Sarah and her son, William, taste test and give it their shining approval. The figs give the teriyaki burger a tasty sweetness too! Say “Bye Felicia” to  meat and go Beyond by eating vegan burgers instead!

Angie glows as she shows off her beautiful vegan burger!


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Patrizia, Angie, and Jane are all cruelty-free smiles as they showcase this stacked Beyond Burger!


Jane-Velez Mitchell and Patrizia Barretto reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy Jane-Velez Mitchell and Patrizia Barretto.


“Secret Sauce”


1 tbsp ketchup

1 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp Follow Your Heart Vegenaise


Mix the equal portions of ketchup, mustard, and vegenaise together and voila you have your secret sauce!