We see you Just Vegana!

Get ready for some tasty food today on LunchBreakLIVE at the brand new delicious 100% vegan Just Vegana restaurant in Pomona, California. We are here with the powerful leadership team of animal rights activists Ellen Dent and Eder Lopez of Animal Alliance Network, and mother and son activist team Celia Asebedo and Cesar Asebedo. There is also a special surprise guest, the debut appearance of Ellen’s 2-month-old vegan baby daughter Aria! Check out these amazing vegans as they chow down on several exciting vegan dishes!

Shrimp cocktail without the shrimp is perfect for summer!

Yanet and her beautiful family are on a mission to share their amazing vegan dishes with the world. In just 2 years after starting Just Vegana, they have a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Yanet and her family worked through many hardships to get to where she is today!  On top of being an amazing mother, Yanet is also an animal rights activist! She and her children have attended marches and protests whenever they could. She was even at the Animal Rights March last year very pregnant with her two other kids. She is truly inspirational and an incredibly talented vegan cook!

We dare you to eat this burrito in one sitting!

The food at Just Vegana is unbelievable! It has all the flavor of the Yanet’s traditional Michoacan dishes without any of the cruelty. They make everything in house including their amazing vegan meats and unbelievably good cheese sauce. Today the special taste testers chomped into the  carnitas nachos, el pastor burrito, squash vegetable of the day tostadas, potato tacos with creamy coconut and arugula sauces, and the carnitas taquitos! Every bite was mind-blowingly delicious! It was so good that Jane says it is hands down the best Mexican food that she as ever had, and she’s had a lot of Mexican food! With that kind of an endorsement, everyone needs to get down here and try this place. Stop by Just Vegana in Pomona and let your taste buds thank you later!

Just some very some happy activists after a delicious vegan food feast!

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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.

Photos provided by Cesar Asebedo  @we_are_all_everywhere_forever on Instagram!

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You can get the vegetable of the day covered in their mouthwatering signature cheese sauce!

Nachos to share or not!

Pick up an Animal Rights March flyer while you’re there!