Food Harmonics has the perfect ambiance for relaxation and healing.

Today’s LunchBreakLIVE with the lovely and talented Andrea Michal – Well-being Coach/Consultant, author, entrepreneur and light walker at the beautiful Food Harmonics restaurant in Ojai, California, enjoying some of their plant-based options.

The colors in this salad will feed your body and your soul.

Andrea has been on a nine-year journey transitioning to veganism. She experienced severe depression after separating from her husband at that time when she met a raw food chef who helped her think of her food as her medicine. He also helped her reach a “higher vibration” in life. Ojai has been a place where Andrea retreats since the beginning of her journey. Andrea says anyone can be a light walker in their own way. She shares her journey from the darkness to the light in her book, Encounter the Light. Andrea says she is here for anyone who is a really bad place. She says you can reach out to her if you’re in need of help and she will be there for you. Andrea references the Star Wars movies when she says you can be a “Jedi,” by escaping your dark side and coming back to the light!

You can see the light emanating from Andrea!

You can “escape away from Los Angeles” in this beautiful place Paige says. This restaurant isn’t only gorgeous, they have healthy plant-based options too! Andrea starts off with a turmeric hemp milk latte. Regular consumption of turmeric is said to help with bacterial infections, prevent cancer, and reduce inflammation.  Paige orders colorful salad and Andrea tries a stacked avocado toast with pesto made in house. All of their food is organic too! Eat beautifully and feel enlightened by being inspired by this restaurant’s ambiance and food. Make sure to check out Food Harmonics whenever you are in Ojai, California.

The perfect uplifting book to read on your escape from the ordinary!


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