Huge thanks to these activists for taking time out of their days to voice their opposition for the animals killed for food.

JaneUnChained LIVE at the Los Angeles, California Chinese Consulate-General, Los Angeles to protest the horrific dog meat trade in China! These activists are here to bring light to the atrocities that will happen in as part of the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. Dogs and cats that we consider companion animals in the United States will be killed in the most awful of ways and eaten in this festival. These activists are also here to let everyone know that Yulin is not an isolated event. Animals are being tortured and killed worldwide every second for meat. There is no difference between the unnecessary pain of a cat, dog, chicken, pig, sheep, or cow. They all suffer immensely. Let your voice be heard and help put an end to this awful festival and the deaths of animals worldwide.

Kirsty Lingman holds her fist high in opposition to the abuse and death of these animals for human entertainment.

Rob Adams explains that 10,000-15,000 dogs and cats will be ripped from their homes and off the streets for this festival. They are burned with torches and boiled alive because men think it will increase their virility. This couldn’t be more inaccurate because eating animal products has been shown to clogs arteries and lead to impotence. Sheena Gao explains that it is difficult for activists in China because the government controls the people and there is no freedom of speech there. Activists still try their best to put a stop to these awful atrocities. Actresses and animal activists Lori Allen and Fia Perera were also in attendance. Fia pleads for more activists to come. She says there should be activists all the way down the block in opposition to this festival. She says commenting on Instagram is not sufficient. “Get your butts down here!” Hopefully, with the presence of these activists and their unwavering dedication to ending the torture and deaths of animals at the hands of humans, they will end this practice for all animals!

This little pug was rescued from the dog meat trade in China. So many others are not as fortunate.

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) provided the shirts for this protest.

Visit the LCA website for more information about how to get involved.

Sign the petition to end the use of blowtorches on animals!

These strong beautiful women are pioneering change for animals with their dedication to activism.


Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.