This is the Los Angeles Coca-Cola location where protestors gathered. Other protests ensued nationwide in Chicago and all the way to New York.

JaneUnChained LIVE as Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch denounces the vicious torture of calves at Fair Oaks Farms as revealed in the ‘caught on tape’ undercover investigation done by Animal Recovery Mission! Watch our coverage of the protest outside LA’s Coca-Cola Bottling Co. building as protesters urge a boycott of Coca-Cola for their involvement in the dairy industry! The horrific undercover video showed calves being beaten and tortured at Fair Oaks Farms. That milk goes into Fa!rlife milk, distributed by Coke! In Defense of Animals helped organize this protest. 

Thank you to all the activists who took time out of their lives to demand better lives for the cows and calves victimized by the dairy industry!

Dotsie explains the cruel truth about dairy. Cows don’t produce milk without giving birth to a calf that is ripped away from them usually within a day. The calves isolated and are usually sent for veal or discarded in unfathomable ways. In the dairy industry, they often use rape racks to forcibly impregnate cows. She explains that there are several sex hormones in milk due to the cows producing hormones to make milk. Dotsie also explains that people are afraid that they won’t be able to get enough calcium without consuming dairy but she explains that simply is not the case. Dotsie points out there is plenty of calcium that can be derived from the plants that we eat so consuming dairy is completely unnecessary! “No more dairy, No more Fa!rlife.”

Voices of the movement, Sgt. Vegan (Bill Muir), Asher Brown, and Rick Scott, posed symbolically behind the American Flag.

To further that point, Sgt. Vegan (a.k.a Bill Muir) explains he was a paratrooper in Afghanistan and he was vegan. He did not consume dairy products in a place where there was a scarcity of vegan options, and he was fine. There is no excuse to consume dairy and support an industry that practices animal abuse in an endless cycle. Jane furthers this by explaining that employees often times get fed up with calves who do not want to drink from the rubber nipples on the bottles they are given to substitute their mother’s milk. When the employees get frustrated they beat the baby cows. According to top Coca-Cola executives the treatment of calves that were exposed on the Fair Oaks farm that the source Fa!rlife products from goes against their core values. Today activists are demanding that Coca-Cola stop this abuse and change their products to plant-based alternatives in order to adhere to their businesses core values.

Lisa Levinson, of In Defense of Animals, rose her voice asking for change!

The companies are invited at any time.

Watch Vegan Evan and Veg Ian do a skit demonstrating the cruelty to calves on factory farms in the next video: 

Kid activists, Vega Evan and Veg Ian, wore cow masks to demonstrate how calves are treated in the dairy industry.

JaneUnChained LIVE! Watch as two moms, Shannon, Annette, and their young sons, demonstrate how mother cows and their calf children are separated! This protest was organized by In Defense of Animals against Coca-Cola for the beverage company’s involvement in the dairy industry. Undercover video by Animal Recovery Mission shows violent calf abuse at Fair Oaks Farms which provides milk to the Fa!rlife brand, which is distributed by Coke! Young VeganEvan, Veg Ian, and their moms are the four actors with Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless Book.

Vegan Evan and Veg Ian participate in a street performance with other activists to bring light to the cruelty in the dairy industry as calves are force-fed bottles and beaten if they refuse.

The companies are invited at any time.

JaneUnChained LIVE as we attempt to speak to Coca-Cola public relations reps and/or executives in the wake of nationwide protests against Coca-Cola, which call for a boycott of all Coke products until the beverage company gets out of the toxic dairy business!

Kim Delgado-King also did a speak out for the cows.

Patty Shenker points out that there are all sorts of unsavory components in dairy products. She explains that a glass of milk there, are 135 million pus cells, bovine hormones, feces, cholesterol, and more. Lisa Karlan got the “run around” when she tried to call Coke during the protest. This doesn’t stop Jane from wanting to deliver their letter to Coca-Cola executives, pleading they separate themselves from an industry that is built upon the suffering of animals. We hope that the efforts of activists here today and across the country will get the attention of Coca-Cola. Hopefully, they will stop selling dairy products because these cows really aren’t given a fair life.


The companies are invited at any time.


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