LIVE PROTEST in Chicago Against Fairlife and Coca-Cola Lead by Free From Harm

LIVE PROTEST in Chicago: Robert Grillo of Free From Harm Leads a Protest Against Fairlife and Coca-Cola. Elysabeth Alfano reporting.

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Monday, June 17, 2019

Live from downtown Chicago, reporter Elysabeth Alfano covered the protest at Fairlife Headquarters at which activists demanded that Fairlife and Fair Oaks Farms shut down and that Coca-Cola cease their dealings with the dairy business.

abuse at Fair Oaks Farms

Founder of Free From Harm and leader of the protest, Robert Grillo spoke candidly with Alfano saying that the 65-70 activists in attendance were determined.  They chanted, “What do we want? Fairlife shut down!”

Fairlife Humane Fraud

Before speaking with Alfano, Robert said that CBS-TV, ABC-TV, WGN-TV, FOX, WBBM Radio, the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune and Northwest Indiana Times covered the rally. PBS’ WTTW also wrote about the protest after the fact.  The rally included the dumping of fake, bloody UNFairlife milk, leaving 50 or more post it notes on the Fairlife windows, and holding letter signs that spelled, HUMANE FRAUD.

The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) video which documented egregious and horrific animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms and sparked the national protests was also played at the two-hour rally.  Further, many activists were holding signs depicting the reality of what happens on Fair Oaks Farms versus the UNFairlife crafted marketing messages, and the stark  difference between the two.  Finally, at the end of the protest, the activists walked over to neighboring Target and demanded that management take Fairlife down from its shelves.

Robert Grillo Talking to Reporters

Fair Oaks Farms supplies Fairlife with milk which is then distributed by Coca-Cola.  Sue and Mike McCloskey are owners of both Fairlife and Fair Oaks. It is still uncertain if Coca-Cola is also an owner in Fairlife.  Since the breaking news of the nightmarish animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms, as documented by ARM, two law suits have been filed against Fair Oaks Farms, Fairlife and the McCloskeys. One of the two suits claims that Fairlife markets that it takes “extraordinary animal care” and “extraordinary care and comfort for our cows.”

“But Fairlife’s and its founders’ promise is a sham.”

“As a matter of routine and practice, Fairlife’s cows are tortured, kicked, stomped on, body slammed, stabbed with steel rebar, thrown off the side of trucks, dragged through the dirt by their ears, and left to die in over 100-degree heat,” the lawsuit alleges. “Calves that do not survive the torture are dumped in mass graves. To add insult to injury, the abuse is rampant even at Fairlife’s ‘flagship farm in Indiana’ that customers are urged to visit on the Products’ labels.”  The suit is seeking class action status.

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