With a twist on Coca-Cola’s Taste the Feeling slogan, protesters in four major US cities took to the streets Monday to urge a boycott of Coca-Cola.  The demonstrators’ turn of phrase? Taste the Cruelty! Each protest featured a mock dead pile of humans imitating the pile of dead calves, one of the atrocities discovered by ARM at Fair Oaks Farms. 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW images of CONDITIONS (Warning:Graphic/Sad Imagery)

The protests erupted after the biggest “humane” dairy in the U.S. was exposed for horrific ongoing abuse in an explosive undercover investigation by Animal Recovery Mission! ARM caught the horrors on videotape and released the tapes to a shocked nation.  “We have never seen such consistent, constant abuse to newborn baby animals” than at Fair Oaks Farms, the undercover investigator said.

Demonstrations took place around the nation including: Chicago, Atlanta, LA and New York. Despite a downpour in New York, the demonstrators, led by TheirTurn.net’s Donny Moss, staged a dramatic die-in on the street as police and office workers looked on.

In LA, protesters led by JaneUnChained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell dumped Coca-Cola onto the streets and explained why Coke needs to get out of the inherently cruel dairy business immediately.

Chicago had a sizable turnout for its protest against Coke, Fair Oaks Farm and Fairlife, a protest led by Fear from Harm.

And, in Atlanta, there was also a big crowd at a protest rally organized by GARP, Georgia Animal Rights & Protection.

Coca-Cola, Fair Oaks and Fairlife’s statements are linked in this story. View by clicking here. The companies are invited on any time to respond!

After the speeches and the die-ins, protesters in LA marched to the Santa Monica Pier, urging Americans to dump coke until the company dumps dairy and switches to healthier plant-based milks that are cruelty-free.

Marching on the Santa Monica Pier with a sign that says: Coca-Cola Taste the Cruelty

This sign illustrates a mother calf and her baby together. This can’t happen in the dairy industry because the calf would drink the milk we grab for ourselves. This means mom and baby must be separated, which is inherently cruel.