We’re live for JaneUnChained on 3rdSt Promenade in Los Angeles for an epic Cube of Truth: West Coast Unity designed to unify Western chapters of Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV). These activists are holding computer screens showing graphic footage of what actually happens to animals in animal agriculture, lab testing, and on fur farms. This is co-organized by the founders of Anonymous for the Voiceless,  Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari.

Asal takes charge on the megaphone briefing the cube participants,

Paul Bashir explains that this special Cube of Truth was held to unite the AV chapters here on the West Coast. Next, they plan to go to the East Coast. Paul explains that all forms of activism are effective, in his opinion, if they provoke people who are not already vegan to consider their actions and how they cause animals to suffer. Paul also explains how he performs outreach in a way that gives the person an opportunity to align their actions with their values. He says it’s, “less about animals and more about accountability.”

Activists wear masks and hold screens that show footage of animals suffering due to human practices.

Asal Alamadari describes how they founded Anonymous for the Voiceless and came up with the Cube of Truth. She explains that when she transitioned to veganism, she was frustrated with how activism was being performed and the lack thereof. She teamed up with Paul to create a form of activism that is effective. They were inspired by the structure of “The Earthling Experience,” where activists wear masks and stand in line holding screens with scenes of animal cruelty from the documentary Earthlings. They tried different structures and found that the cube was perfect.

Activists wear masks and hold screens that show footage of animals suffering due to human practices.

Vanessa runs into fellow JaneUnchained contributor, Lisa Karlan, and she explains that the footage at The Cube of Truth is the reality of what happens to animals in factory farms. She explains that the smiling cow advertisements and wording like free-range are meant to mislead the consumer. These animals are mass produced, exploited, and tortured before they are sent to be killed in these large farms.  Please ask anyone you can to go vegan so that animal suffering at the hands of humans will cease to exist one day soon!

Paul performs outreach to curious onlookers.


Representatives of the animal agricultural industry are welcome to respond at any time.
Please visit the AV website and Facebook page for more details of how to get involved and to possibly organize a Cube of Truth in your area!

Visit the Anonymous for the Voiceless Website!

Vanessa Marsot reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
George McQuade on camera.