#JaneUnChained #LIVE at the student climate strike in downtown Los Angeles, California! These students are telling adults to stop destroying the planet. They, in turn, are learning from Amy Jean Davis of Los Angeles Animal Save! This former American Idol contestant now runs the largest animal vigil in the world and spoke to the kids about why they need to kick meat and dairy if they are serious about stopping climate change!

Amy is followed by Andi Mack tv series star Luke Mullen! Luke delivers a rousing speech followed by a delightfully clever talk from Becky Zack, a social media activist from across the pond working at Waste-ED!

It wasn’t so long ago that “environmentalists” were either blissfully ignorant or willfully unaware of the massive impact animal agriculture has on climate change. The United Nations said it a decade ago in their report: Livestock’s Long Shadow. Animal agriculture causes more greenhouses gases than ALL transportation combined! So, we are not going to save the world just by switching out lightbulbs or driving more efficient cars. The key thing each of us can do it to switch to a plant-based diet. Here’s the bottom line: animals eat about 40 times what they produce as meat or dairy. It’s wildly inefficient. We could feed the world, end human hunger, stop destroying forests for cattle grazing and cropland… if we all just switched to the many plant-based alternatives that exist today. Got it? Not so complicated.

For more, go to PreventYearZero.org

Here are some of our fave photos from the climate strike!

These photos are of some of the very entertaining and clever signs students made for the Los Angeles Climate Strike!