Indra the founder of the Indraloka sanctuary expresses her gratitude for this amazing event and people who came to support her sanctuary!

JaneUnChained LIVE with the incredible Actress/Activist/Aerialist Gianna Simone at a fundraiser for the amazing Indraloka Animal Sanctuary! This extraordinary sanctuary is expanding and moving to a bigger location! Over 300 rescued farm animals interact with thousands of school children on a regular basis. Plus, Johnny Braz & Indra Lahiri built this from the ground up and have started global support for others wishing you create a sanctuary of their own. Featuring Elysabeth Alfano, “Awesome Vegans” podcast creator, Indra Lahiri, Lisa Karlan, a Food for Life educator with The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), photographer Natalie Ford, activist Kim Delgado King, and Fabienne V Origer, the organizer for the Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg and the AGWC Rockin’ Rescue.

Dotsie claps for Jane while she emcees the event.

Gianna Simone and Olympic cyclist with Switch4Good Dotsie Bausch created this wonderful event for this amazing sanctuary! Elysabeth Alfano explains why Indraloka is so deserving of a fundraiser like this. Indraloka has amazing programs for children and they also have programs to help others open their own sanctuaries. Indra of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary expresses her gratitude for the people who came out to show their support for the animals and the mission of her sanctuary. Paige sees Fabienne and she shares her benefit for the AGWC Rockin’ Rescue event. Check that out in the video below. It’s so great to see all of these wonderful people come together to benefit a sanctuary that is saving lives and molding future minds towards compassion for all animals.

The JaneUnchained ladies were in full force at this party!

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