You have to love a rescue that gives cats a great environment to play like this!

JaneUnChained LIVE  with Fabienne V Origer at the AGWC Rockin’ Rescue serving up  Unreal Deli sandwiches made by Chef Jenny Hanna Goldfarb in the heart of Woodland Hills, CA. This delicious pastrami corn beef is available at Canter’s Deli, Factor’s Famous Deli, Art’s Deli, Izzy’s Deli, Mickey Fine Pharmacy deli counter plus many more to come! Look for Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli protein popping up at your nearest sandwich spots soon.

Who wouldn’t want eyes like these staring up at you every day??

The cats live together roaming freely at this amazing rescue and are ready to go home to a loving forever home. If you’re not a cat person, they have dogs too! Fabienne explains the adoption process. This rescue covers all of the bases. They make sure that their animals will be a proper fit for their new human companions and their homes will be suitable. They also make sure all of their adopted animals have had all their shots and have been tested for diseases. This way all the owners have to do is come to the rescue and fall in love with their new furry friend.  They also have the most adorable long-haired chihuahuas that are available for adoption as well!  Whether you are looking for a dog or cat AGWC Rockin’ Rescue. has you covered! If you can’t make it down to the rescue, they also have all of their friends available for adoption listed on their Instagram page! Even if you aren’t looking for a rescue, you can come to hang out with the animals and volunteer. Bring the whole family! Please come visit, adopt, or volunteer at this amazing rescue whenever you can! 

Fabienne showcases one of the adorable puppies they have available at the rescue!

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Karlan.