#LunchBreakLIVE at Matthew Kenney’s new vegan restaurant Double Zero in Venice, California.  This new hotspot on Lincoln Blvd, just north of Venice Blvd, serves up astoundingly delicious plant-based pizza! Vegan entrepreneur BJ Hollifield, the Happy Vegan Traveller Sarah Bluff, photographer Sarah Singer and animal activist Kim Delgado King are today’s taste testers! Featuring amazingly creative pizzas with homemade cashew mozzarella and almond ricotta cheeses, along with baked vegan meatballs, an eggplant caponata, an artichoke conserva and a semolina cake! No words to describe how perfect each dish is!

#LunchBreakLIVE at @Matthew Kennedy’s new resturant Double Zero in CA with Entrepreneur Activist BJ Hollifield and the Happy Vegan Traveler Sarah Bluff! Featuring specially curated pizzas with homemade cashew mozzarella and almond ricotta cheeses, along with baked meatballs, an eggplant caponata, an artichoke conserva and a semolina cake are guests’ favorites!

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Monday, May 20, 2019


This place has the best vegan pizza.  If you are in Los Angeles, you must visit and give it a taste for yourself!  I’ll make it super easy for you to find:

Double Zero





Please visit their website and check out the menu.  It is mouthwatering!  You’ve never had vegan pizza quite like this!


Paige Parsons-Roache, Kim Delgado-King, Sarah Bluff, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and BJ Hollifield posing outside of Double Zero.


Kim Delgado, Sarah Singer, BJ Hollifield, and Sarah Bluff about to dig into some delicious pizza.


Just one of the many pizza choices at Double Zero.


The food is just so dang tasty!


Tanner, our awesome waiter at Double Zero.


Matthew Kenney is the founder and owner of Double Zero, as well as many other establishments around the nation and the world.  He is a culinary genius, as far as I am concerned.  Here is a little glimpse into Mathew Kenney’s story (Taken directly from their website):

Matthew Kenney (b.1964) is one of the world’s first leading chefs at the forefront of plant-based cuisine, an author of 12 cookbooks and a best-selling memoir, a culinary educator and CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, a multifaceted company specializing in plant-based living throughout several unique markets.”


Matthew Kenney. Photo courtesy of matthewkenneycuisine.com


Matthew Kenney. Photo courtesy of matthewkenneycuisine.com


“Currently, Kenney has 16 restaurants operating on five continents and throughout 9 international cities, as well as another 16 additional restaurants under construction throughout the U.S., Brazil and Costa Rica, set to open in the coming year. The most recent of Kenney’s openings include: Sacro, a gorgeous plant-based restaurant in Buenes Aires, Argentina; Plant Food + Wine, the second location of our flagship restaurant, in New York City; Alibi Bar, the world’s first plant-based hotel restaurant, in Sydney, Australia; and Make Out, the second location of his LA-based fast-casual concept, in Bogota, Colombia. He also recently opened a plant-based convenience store in Venice Beach, California, which offers sustainable, organic groceries, household goods, prepared foods and an extensive coffee, wine and beer program.”


New Deli in Venice Beach is another vegan establishment founded by Matthew Kenney. Here the building is being decorated with art! There is a great patio that allows dogs in the back! A must visit for dog lovers.


So… if you live in Los Angeles, or plan to visit….make sure to stop by one (or all) of Mathew Kenney’s restaurants in the city.  They are all delicious.  Here is a convenient list of all his locations in L.A.








Photo Contribution Courtesy of Paige Parsons-Roache, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Double Zero.