Jane is never afraid to speak up for innocent defenseless animals!

JaneUnChained with Jane Velez-Mitchell chiming in on TMZ LIVE with Harvey Levin talking about the move to ban fur sales in New York, New York! Jane Velez-Mitchell takes on pro-fur rapper Safaree who is promoting animal torture as a way to get publicity for his music. Project Runway star & fashion icon Tim Gunn joined Edita Birnkrant of NYCLASS and hundreds of other animal lovers to plead with the New York City Council to ban this barbaric and unnecessary practice that all the top designers have dropped! Here’s Jane’s response to the pro-fur nonsense! Thanks to Harvey for discussing this crucial issue in a serious manner! Notice Constantin Philippou of Vegan Club’s fabulous vegan soup painting cleverly framed in the background!

There is nothing peaceful or cool about wearing fur. Photo: theboombox.com

Harvey Levin, who has shared his views against the use of fur in the past, invites Jane on to respond to the rapper Safaree’s actions when he wore a fur coat and screamed at activists at an anti-fur rally. Jane pities the rapper for not being able to see the error of his actions. He has dogs at home that he loves so much but does not realize or care that the dozens of animals that were skinned for his fur coat suffered as much as his companion animals would. He also is dismissive when questioned about how the animals end up being made into a coat. His level of cognitive dissonance is appalling. All he sees a finished fur coat on a rack boutique. Jane explains that many of these animals experience excruciatingly painful traps that leave them trying to bite off limbs to escape,  anal or vaginal electrocution, and skinning alive. Jane also compares wearing fur to wearing chastity belts. It’s outdated, cruel, and barbaric. She also says there is nothing cool about wearing something cruel. Hopefully, fur will be banned everywhere soon and people will stop wearing the suffering of dozens of animals unnecessarily. Until then, Jane is ready to speak up for the victims of animal torture on TMZ or wherever anyone is listening! Thank you, Harvey and Charles, for having her on the show!

This is not the first time Safaree has paraded around in a ridiculous coat made from suffering and death. Photo: thebeatdfw.com

Representatives of the fur industry and rapper Safaree are invited on to respond at any time.

Clip courtesy of the TMZ show hosted by Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere.

Thank you for shedding light on this issue on mainstream TV Harvey and Charles!

Watch The NEXT Video to See Fashion Guru/TV Host Tim Gunn Front NYC Bill to Ban Fur Sales!

All of these awesome people came out to take a stand against animal torture!

JaneUnchained is LIVE in New York, New York as animal rights history is being! This is a rally and hearing at New York City Hall for the bill to ban the sale of fur in NYC! The rally is led by legendary fashion guru and celebrity host Tim Gunn and attended by hundreds of animal advocates! The hearing will start after the rally.

Wear your own skin!

Dan Matthews, Senior Vice President of PETA, explains that the fur industry is one of the only industries that use animals and isn’t regulated by the government. This makes them outside of the law’s reach. Dan further explains that animals are trapped inhumanely, injected with weed killer, and electrocuted in many cases. Dan also demonstrates how the customary traps, which are banned in over 100 countries, can snap right through small bones. These traps are incredibly cruel and should be banned everywhere along with fur! Tim Gunn briefly extends his gratitude to the protestors for being there, and he expresses his support of the fur ban. Councilmember, Fernando Cabrera, explains the Bill Intl 1476 does not prohibit the wearing of fur purchased previously, or the purchase of vintage fur. It bans the of new fur in New York City. He also explains to make matters worse, the traps used to catch animals for fur, catch all sorts of animals that they weren’t intending to catch. This includes people’s pets and endangered animals. Next, Councilmember, Helen Rosenthal, explains how the fashion industry is following Tim Gunn’s lead by eliminating fur from their lines. We are hopeful that this ban will be put into place soon and that we can have a fur-free world soon so that no animal has to suffer and have their skin put on display senselessly.

Edita poses with trailblazers for the animals, Dan Matthews, and Tim Gunn.


We Applaud all of these high-end designers are fur-free: Burberry, Gucci, Donna Karan New York DKNY DVF – Diane von Furstenberg, Coach Michael Kors, JIMMY CHOO, Versace, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, The Kooples, Hugo Boss. to name a few…


Representatives of the fur industry are invited on to respond at any time.

These activists are sure to draw attention in their fashionable faux outfits.

Edita Birnkrant reports for JaneUnchained News Network.

Legislators hear both sides of the issue in the fur ban hearing.