These poor creatures are not meant to be used for our entertainment.

JaneUnChainedEUROPE LIVE from Zurich, Switzerland where demonstrators with ATAZ protest against vet-students who hosted a pig race followed by a celebration over a roasted suckling pig. Protesters ask lots of questions: Where is the compassion for the baby pig? Don’t people go to vet school because they love animals? Why kill them when eating animals is unnecessary?

Roasting a pig when you are supposed to have compassion for animals is carnism at its finest.

You may wonder how a person training to treat and care for animals could find this kind of celebration acceptable. Most veterinarians are trained to treat customary companion animals like cats or dogs. But pigs, which can also make great pets with the right care, are even smarter than dogs and cats. Furthermore, they are just as sentient. These future veterinarians demonstrate a complete lack of compassion for these pigs. Why else would they have chosen to use them for entertainment and a meal? We hope one day that veterinary training will teach students compassion for all lifeforms, but for now,  activists worldwide will speak up for them!

These activists came here to lend their voices of dismay for what is happening to these pigs today.

The vet students are invited on any time to respond.

These decorations add to how obscene this whole celebration is.

Hopefully, the message of compassion for all creatures got through to a few of these students!