#JaneUnchained #LIVE at the very first Coachella Valley Vegan Festival! We are celebrating compassion 🙌🏼 and eating Allllllll of the vegan thangggzz.  Our newest contributor Sahar Belle takes us on a journey through the festival showing us all the cool vegan products and delicious vegan food options!  



Sahar at the Coachella Valley VegFest.


A vegan clothing vendor at Coachella VegFest!


Sahar showing off some vegan products.


Showing off some more vegan products at the Coachella VegFest!


Cowhugger vegan vendor.


VegFest attendee showing off some delicious vegan food at the Coachella VegFest.


Check out this AMAZING vegan ice cream waffle cone!


This years first annual Coachella Valley VegFest was a super success!  We look forward to next years festival filled with all the vegan thinggggggssss!