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Opera Singer turned…VEGAN?! Oh, yes! North Carolina born hobby fisherman, Lucas Meachem, was discovered singing in a Karaoke bar. He gave up dive bars for opera and fishing for being vegan. Now he is a professional baritone opera singer who tours internationally! Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano brings you his story on this episode of Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast/Vlog on JaneUnChained.

Lucas poses with his lovely wife who introduced him to veganism!

Lucas was taught growing up in the South that a meal is not a meal without meat in it. Three years ago he met the woman of his dreams and asked her to join him on his travels. She told him she would go with him but only if he got life insurance. He had to have blood tests done for the insurance and he learned his cholesterol was very high. The doctor recommended pills, but Lucas thought there must be a better way. His now wife, who has been vegetarian for 14 years, suggested he tried veganism because she said the cholesterol is in animal fats. Initially, he went vegan for his health but then he saw a couple of documentaries including the popular documentary Earthlings. After seeing them, he connected with the plight of animals in the animal agricultural industry. Now Lucas helps enlighten others as part of his mission to show people the way to change their lives and save the animals! Sing them into the future Lucas! Encore!

Elysabeth always finds the best guests for her Awesome Vegans show!


Elysabeth Alfano reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network!
Photos courtesy of Elysabeth Alfano and Lucas Meachem‘s Facebook page.