Leading Animal Advocate, Illinois Senator Linda Holmes joins Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano on this Episode of Awesome Vegans in which the two discuss the pending IL Bill 241, which prohibits animals testing for cosmetics starting in 2020 and also Bill 61 which addresses issues for animals shelters and foster homes. Go to www.ILGA.gov to voice your support to your rep.



Illinois is the #1 state for animal protection laws according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Much of this is due to Senator Linda Holmes who made it illegal for elephants to perform in the state and was the first state to do so.  Now the Senator is making the sale of animal-tested cosmetics illegal by 2020. The host of Awesome Vegans Elysabeth Alfano talks with Linda about Bill 241, which has passed the Senate and is in the house. Listen in to find out how you can do more to help IL protect animals.


Senator Linda Holmes