LIVE! Ron Placone, Comedian with “Get Your News on with Ron”, The Young Turks YouTube program, “Aggressive Progressives” and “The Jimmy Dore Show”) joins correspondent Elysabeth Alfano Of Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast/Vlog! Special guest, Lucy the Cat.

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Ron and his fiancé had tried several fasts and dietary changes in the past but this past February, despite Ron’s hesitance, they decided to try a vegan diet. Ron says it was the most positive experience he had. He felt more positive and healthy right from the start.  Even though he has only been vegan a couple of months, Ron says he is enjoying trying new dishes and different restaurants. Ron says that the only time he struggles to find vegan options is when he is traveling, but otherwise, he isn’t having any trouble at all. He even says that the vegan alternatives have him feeling better, less bloated, and his sinuses are clearer. Check out Ron’s comedy at the links below and prepare to roll on the floor with laughter! Tweet him in the morning and he may cover your topic on his interactive show, “Get Your News on with Ron.”

Elysabeth is all smiles on this show with this funny upbeat guest!


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Elysabeth Alfano reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network!