The organizers of the Youth Climate Strike LA gather together.

A very special LunchBreakLIVE at The Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles! As we march, we’re going to eat healthful, vegan food provided by Vegan Flag promoter Patrizia Mari Barretto! There’s always a way to eat a compassionate diet! Something as simple as almonds or nuts can easily be packed up and eaten on the go, literally. Trail mix, granola, snack bars, dried fruit, chips, and so many on-the-go options are available in vegan varieties and can be taken with you wherever you go! Use Patrizia’s example of healthy eating as a great way to power up even while you’re in the middle of marching for change!

The youths mobilize speaking up for the environment while the Vegan Flag waves in the background.

Stay Tuned for the continuation of LunchbreakLIVE at Au Lac Restaurant! 

Appetizers are better with “Friend Fries.”

LunchBreakLIVE as taste testers take a detour to Au Lac DTLA, a gourmet vegan restaurant across from Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, California! The food at this incredible restaurant was no different than any other day. It was simply gorgeous and tasted absolutely amazing! Today the taste testers tried the “Octopus” (made from shitake mushrooms), Friend Fries (made from yucca root),  Agnes’s tacos, the house special Pho, and the spring rolls. Au Lac has a dish for everyone’s taste buds. They offer themed dishes from all around the world with plenty of whole food and raw choices for anyone looking for a bite on the healthy side. You can also wash all this goodness down with a nutrient-packed cold pressed juice!

This “Octopus” is better without the actual octopus. A must try Au Lac dish!

The Agnes tacos are super fresh and will have you feeling ready to conquer your day!

Nothing is more refreshing than a big glass of cold-pressed juice after a morning filled with activism!


Don’t miss Jane and Patrizia’s speeches at the Youth Climate Strike below! 

Hip Hop MD shares some science with the youths about climate change!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at the Youth Climate Strike in Los Angeles, California! Journalist/best-selling author Jane Velez-Mitchell talks about the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to solving climate change! What is that missing piece, you might be wondering… Surprisingly, many environmentalists fail to realize or intentionally overlook the number one reason our environment is changing for the worst. That reason is animal agriculture and its biproducts. Jane drives home that you cannot call yourself an environmentalist if you eat animal products because you are contributing to the largest factor of the adverse environmental changes. The animal agriculture industry releases more greenhouse gasses than the whole transportation system combined, so it simply cannot be ignored. Hopefully one day soon everyone will realize that our individual actions are part of a bigger picture. We are sure that Jane’s straight to the point in-your-face speech woke a few people up this day. Let your behaviors reflect your morals. If you care about the planet demonstrate that through your every day actions!

Patrizia films Jane driving her point about the dangers of animal agriculture on our environment in her speech!

This brave girl also gave a speech!

JaneUnChained LIVE at the Student Strike for Climate Change at Los Angeles City Hall! This movement was started by a teenage Nobel prize nominee named Greta Thunberg, who is vegan and also convinced her parents to go vegan! Patrizia makes a compelling speech asking for everyone to reevaluate their love for animals if they consume them. She says simply put you “cannot be an animal lover and eat animals.” Maybe you love certain animals and not others but you certainly are not an animal lover if you continue to eat them. She also points out that people cite excuses from difficulties giving up eating animal products and cultural norms as reasons for why they can’t give up meat or other animal products. The time for change is now. When people are hesitant to change their diets or lifestyles, they aren’t thinking of the true victims. The animals for one but they, themselves, are also victims. People who eat animal products are victims of a capitalistic system that thrives off of death and destruction. The meat industry is tied into that system and when people get sick from eating animal products they become dependent on a medical system that will empty their pockets and possibly ruin their lives. Break the cycle. Let your food be your medicine. Save animals, the planet, and yourself by hitting the heart of the problem before it’s absolutely too late!

Patrizia shares her message for change with the crowd!


The representatives of the animal agriculture industry and medical industry are welcome to respond at any time.

Eder, the VP of Animal Alliance Network was also in attendance spreading the vegan message on his shirt!


Jane Velez-Mitchell and  Patrizia Mari Barretto reports for JaneUnchained News Network.
Pictures provided by Patrizia Mari Barretto.

The Hip Hop MD speaks about climate change to reporters.