Wings and garlic bread! Yummy!

Lunchbreak LIVE at Julie Goes Green in the Palms section of Los Angeles, California! This 1000% vegan restaurant features a wide variety of mouth-watering pizzas, pastas, soups and salads! Check it out at the corner of Sepulveda and Palms! Taste tester Dani Rukin, the Daring Vegan, shares having just met one of her heroes, Dr. Jane Goodall, of the Jane Goodall Institute France, The world’s most famous primatologist who proved to scientists that chimps are complex, social animals capable of making tools and who deserve legal rights! Jane works closely with the Non-Human Rights Project, which seeks legal status for animals!

This alfredo pasta looks like creamy heaven!

What better way to continue a phenomenal day than going to an amazing vegan restaurant like Julie Goes Green? Everything in this restaurant is so good. Dani says it tastes even better than it looks, and it looks amazing! From the chicken wings to the roasted avocado vegetable salad, garlic bread, and pasta, this restaurant has something for everyone’s taste buds. Dr. Jane Goodall recommends a plant-based diet for everyone, and she herself has been plant-based since 1969. She is sharp mentally, healthy, and strong at the age of 85, and she says that a plant-based diet makes her feel lighter and healthier. Dr. Goodall is truly an animal hero and she has made the decision to protect animals and the planet with her lifestyle choices. Be like Jane, Dani, and Jane Goodall and choose a plant-based diet! Try the food at Julie Goes Green if you have any doubts about food made solely from plants!

They even have delicious options on the lighter side.


Dani, Julie, and Jane are all smiles because the food is so you good you can’t help but smile!


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Dani Rukin and Jane Velez-Mitchell LIVE for JaneUnChained News.
Photos courtesy of  Dani Rukin.


Watch Dr. Jane Goodall give an inspirational response to Jane Velez-Mitchell’s question about animal agriculture. 




Dr. Jane Goodall, the world famous primatologist and anthropologist who founded the Jane Goodall Institute, urges consumers to go plant-based and ditch the meat to save the planet from the deforestation caused by animal agriculture! Listen to exactly how this legendary figure explains why meat consumption is devastating animal habitats around the globe! Jane Goodall made history by proving that chimpanzees are sophisticated, intelligent and emotional beings capable of making tools and forming complex relationships!
Dani Rukin and Jane Velez-Mitchell LIVE for JaneUnChained News.