Who can pass up a vegan cinnamon roll after a hard day of shopping??

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at Sweet Dough Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga, California enjoying some fresh vegan cinnamon rolls! This restaurant is in a food court and they have vegan cinnamon rolls! Even the worker, Aaliyah, has been vegan for a year! She explains she transitioned to a vegan lifestyle after watching the documentary What the Health. Move over Cinnabon and make room for vegan cinnamon rolls at Sweet Dough Cafe! Check them out next time you are at the Victoria Gardens Mall!

Friendly vegan staff like Aaliyah, is always a plus!

Visit the Sweet Dough Cafe website! 

Paige Parsons Roache reports for JaneUnChained.com

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache.

This could all be yours!

Come to the food hall to get your vegan cinnamon roll on!

The décor is nice too!