#LunchBreakLIVE hits Pasadena, California with an amazing vegan restaurant: One Veg World! This amazing restaurant has been here for about 3 years! It’s a gem with a really varied menu, from vegan pizza, vegan wings and vegan Philly steaks to vegan egg McMuffins! Check it out and plan to visit!




“We value our health, the health of our patrons, and the planet! We take our values into consideration with each dish we create, prepare, and serve. With excellent quality ingredients and a complete vegan environment, we believe we can serve food that is good for your health and has great taste. We are focused on creating an enjoyable culinary experience that will benefit your health, the world’s animals, and our environment.

At One Veg World, our desire is to create a vegetarian experience that people will enjoy. Our enthusiasm for our vegan creations and our passion to bring healthy food options to the world will continue in the years to come. We are excited when we receive positive feedback from vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and people who are simply health conscious. We clearly envision offering the world our delectable foods, affording others the opportunity to experience great vegan cuisine.”


The food at One Veg World is sinfully delicious and there are so many choices!


These are so good. Don’t you wish you could reach through the screen and grab one?


Voted #1 vegan restaurant!


Juvel and Ivy, One Veg World Employees.


They also have a mini-mart where you can purchase all sorts of vegan goodness!


Photos Courtesy of Kenziah Rubens.