LIVE on #LunchBreakLIVE! Pom poko ramen with soft ‘egg’, Lan Zhou ‘beef’ noodles, ‘minced ‘pork’-filled dumplings, ‘shrimp’ cakes, and more! Chef/owner, Cyrus Ichiza, shares how his life-long passion for pan-Asian culture inspired him to artfully recreate traditional dishes he loved growing up, into vegan delights. Zen out with Dani Rukin aka The Daring Vegan, on an epicurean adventure in the heart of the Pacific Northwest at Ichiza Kitchen. Also joining us will be Chelsea V Davis aka Veggies Do It Better talking about all things Portland and vegan and animal rights, including Portland’s fur ban campaign Compassionate PDX!

Best-selling author P.C. Cast eagerly signs Compassionate PDX ’s petition to ban the sale of fur in Portland while dining at Ichiza Kitchen. #makefurhistory #furfreepdx #CompassionatePDX

Chelsea Davis aka Veggies Do It Better promoting Compassionate PDX, Portland’s fur ban campaign!

Purple Butterfly lemonade turns pink when magic lime potion is added!