LIVE at Compassionate PDX’s Fur-Free Happy Hour petition-signing and celebration to BAN FUR in Portland, Oregon! We’re at the fabulous No Bones Beach Club – PDX. Joining us is musician and animal rights advocate Daniel Redwoodand farm animal sanctuary photographer Beth Redwood – both here to show their support to get Portland to go fur free! Hear Shaunna, founder of the wonderful Wildwood Farm Sanctuary talk about her Wildwood Conservancy of Oregonprgram. And a great chat with No Bones owner MacKenzie DeVito and Brand Manager Madison Wolff.

No Bones Beach Club owner Mackenzie DeVito, and general manager Madison Wolff, showing off the petition signatures collected for the fur ban!

Shauna Sherick of Wildwood Farm Sanctuary!

“Crab” cakes to die for!

Their fur. Not ours!

Fur-Free PDX! (‘PDX’ is short for Portland)