Your body will be a garden nd not a graveyard with these ingredients!

#LunchBreakLIVE with everybody’s favorite guide through the fruits and veggies aisle, chef Marley Ficalora, making potato mango tacos. Star of “The Produce Section Challenge,” you may recognize Marley from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. When he’s not acting on television, he’s making captivating videos to teach others the plant-based way. Born into a vegetarian family, he’s never tasted meat or fish. And, as you can tell, he’s looking good!

These tacos look like a burst of colorful flavor!

Marley has been vegetarian since birth and he has never eaten meat. Eggs were ruined for him as a child when he broke an egg and there was blood in it. He couldn’t eat eggs anymore after that experience. Marley is an advocate for eating real whole plant-based foods diet. He has been eating solely out of the produce section for over 450 days! His favorite part of eating whole fruit and vegetables is how vibrant and delicious his meals are. Marley explains that a whole foods diet is not only good for the animals and the environment, but people will lose weight, improve their skin, and live healthier lives overall too. He also says that this way of living is very inexpensive too, so anyone from a Tom Brady to a “kid living in the projects,’ can afford this way of eating. He hopes that his guide to healthy eating will make it possible for everyone to feel like “all stars” too! 

Eating out of the produce section can make you healthy and vibrant like Marley!

Marley starts off by showing us his mango peeling technique before he slices the mango. Marley explains that eating whole foods is so much better than eating processed foods. Jane explains that processed foods are just whole foods that have been processed to the point they are unrecognizable. “So why not just eat whole foods?” Marley definitely knows his way around the kitchen and he has even written a cookbook! This is a man after our hearts. He even made an amazing pinenut chipotle sauce to pair with the tacos. These tacos definitely took Jane’s taste buds on a delicious vacation! Take your taste buds on vacation too with the recipe below!

Jane and Marley are all healthy smiles after eating those tacos!

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
Mango Potato Tacos
1 large russet potato
1 red & green pepper
1/4 white onion
1 mango
1 lime
Bunch of cilantro
1 avocado
1 can organic pinto beans, drained
Organic corn tortillas baked the potato at 350 for 1/2 hr or until soft, peel, chop into cubes.

Dice onion, add to pan with drained beans to warm.

Chop veggies, cube avocado, warm tortillas in oven for 5 mins., after you’ve sprinkled them with a dash of water to moisten. Layer all ingredients and pour sauce on top! Enjoy!

Pine Nut Chipotle Sauce
1 C pine nuts
1 Clove of garlic
1 Tbl Chipotle in adobo sauce
1 Tsp agave
2 Tbl water
Dash of sea salt
A squeeze of lime juice
Blend until creamy