Megan poses with her new cookbook!

Megan Sadd from Carrots and Flowers with her never shared before recipe Chipotle Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Caramelized Onions from her new cookbook “30 Minute Vegan Meals” on tonight’s show #OneVeggieAtATime with Antoinette Westcott.

You are not going to want to share this grilled cheese!

Megan makes her own cheese and suggests soaking the nuts and freezing them for later use if you are not ready to make your vegan cheese yet. Megan is like a whole foods cheese chemist as she adds all the ingredients for the cheese into the blender. She blends it together and heats the mixture up quickly in a hot pan on her burner. As it heats up quickly it stretches to the right consistency to spread on the bread.

Katelyn, Antoinette, and Megan pose with the finished grilled cheese and Megan’s Vegan cookbook!

Megan has been vegan for five years. She has a background as a TV producer at NBCUniversal and decided that she wanted to use her cooking skills to help promote positivity in the world. She also wanted to choose a career that she had the flexibility to stay home with her adorable daughter, Lily, who comes to help cook too! Spread positivity and try making delicious vegan recipes from Megan’s cookbook, 30 Minute Vegan Meals! Preorder at the link below!

Even this cat is tempted to go vegan after seeing this cookbook!

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Antoinette Westcott with #OneVeggieAtATime reporting for JaneUnChained.

Photos and camerawork by Katelyn Dawson.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.