Jane is hard at work before she takes a break to taste her bowl!

#LunchBreakLIVE at Santa Monica, California’s brand new restaurant All Vegan Organic, or AVO, on Pico between 4th and Main! This amazing husband and wife team, Mark and Sher, originally from Toronto, have made their dream reality with a fabulous open space where you can have a healthful, plant-based lunch while working outdoors in a charming patio with long wooden tables! And, the Parrot Jimmy, will keep you company! So check out AVO on Pico! Today’s taste testers are Sarah Singer, an incredible photographer/event producer/social media influencer, as well as LunchBreakLIVE Booker and JNN Contributor Paige Parsons Roache.

Sher and Mark, the amazing husband and wife team of AVO!

AVO stands for “All Vegan Organic.” The AVO bowl looks so good and it’s super healthy! After working in the retail market for many years, this husband and wife team decided to live out their passion for feeding people healthy food choices. They saw a film called “Food Inc.,” and decided they would never eat animals again. They also incorporate their flavorful sauces into their dishes. Jane is an instant fan! Sarah discovered this gem of a restaurant when she strolled into it while hanging out in Santa Monica. She says, if nothing else, try/buy the vegan dips! You can take them home or give them as gifts to your pre-vegan friends! Stop by the next time you are in the Santa Monica. If you’re lucky, Mark might sing out a little song while you’re there too! Most importantly, don’t forget to say hi to Parrot Jimmy from us!

Definitely try the sauces no matter what you do!

Check out AVO Café on Happy Cow! 


Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.