#JaneUnChained #LIVE at VoiceAmerica – Live Internet Talk Radio talking about how we can achieve a vegan world by 2026! Renee King-Sonnen of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Internet creator Dr. Sailesh Rao, Susan Hargreaves of Animal Hero Kids, talk about saving the world from severe climate change! #VeganWorld2026 #VeganNation.

All of these influential vegans were in Arizona for the Vegan World 2026 Conference!

Dr. Rao explains that we live in a system of normalized violence. We kill more animals in 48 hours than all the humans that have died in all the wars to date. He explains that the reason these animals are being killed is because people are profiting from these deaths. There are companies that are profiting from the deaths of these animals and the diseases caused by eating them. Thus, there is nonstop cycle of fear, violence, and disease that is caused by our species’ practices. Due to the consequences of these practices, we are also killing our species and our planet.

So many wonderful conscientious people came together to work towards a sustainable world and the survival of our species!

Renee King-Sonnen speaks about the moment she realized she was eating the cows that she loved to interact with on her ranch. Her calf “Rowdy Girl,” which her sanctuary Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is named after, touched her heart. That is when she realized that she was eating the pieces of these cows, and she was disgusted. Renee is not alone amongst ranchers. Many ranchers who have heard her story have reached out to her with similar sentiments for their animals. Now Renee runs a Ranchers Advocacy program to help ranchers change their businesses to cruelty-free ones. She has inspired countless ranchers to change their businesses and adopt vegan lifestyles!

A voice like Jane’s is going to be heard no matter what and thanks to VoiceAmerica Radio Jane and her guests are heard far and wide by a diverse group of listeners!

Jane explains that advertising is part of the problem. There are commercials and advertisements that make meat seem appealing, masculine, and normal. People are continuously brainwashed to think that eating meat is acceptable. Social media personality, Ryuji Chua, expresses the importance of undoing this conditioning. One way is to have social media influencers who have widespread audiences spread the truth and promote cruelty-free lifestyles. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make a difference. By posting on your page you may help people more than you may ever know!

Ryuji Chua is ready to tell the world how to go vegan!

We have this amazing technological tool, that Dr. Sailesh Rao actually helped create, and it’s called the internet. We can share information to countless people with one post. You never know who you will reach by using your own social media and other internet outlets. We all should make it point to spread the truth as much as possible so that we have a chance to prevent year zero, when we’ve essentially hit rock bottom on this planet. None of us want to see that day, so share, tell, do whatever you can to help prevent the destruction of everything we know and love. We can do this together if we all step up and help others see past their conditioning!

It was a packed house behind the scenes at VoiceAmerica Radio!

Watch the next video to hear Susan Hargreaves speak about what she and her charity Animal Hero Kids is doing to reach the younger generations. She aims to end violence in schools by ending bullying. She and other volunteers go into schools for free and teaches students compassion for animals and each other!
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Jane Velez-Mitchell and Paige Parsons Roache reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell and Paige Parsons Roache.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.