A group of the LowCountry Vegfest organizers pose for us! Thank you all for making this happen!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at the Lowcountry VegFest • Hilton Head Island, SC at Shelter Cove Park on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! Fabulous food, drink, music and tons of compassionate vendors! Cam F Awesome MC’s and Jane Velez-Mitchell will be speaking! Party lasts till Sunset! This festival had everything from sprouted bread an nut cheeses from Sprout Momma, Holy Tequila, and essential oils from DoTERRA. They also had amazing food vendors like A Peace of Soul vegan soul food. Turn the corner and you have vegan burgers and Revolution Gelato for dessert. The best part about all of these offerings is that all the offerings are plant-based and cruelty free!

Amazingly, there was a Cube of Truth being held at this festival!

This Vegfest was complete with an Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth organized by Nicholas the organizer of the Hilton Head chapter with help from Sonia the organizer of the Jacksonville chapter. Activists displayed videos of animal cruelty on screens in a static production to raise awareness about how animals are hurt unnecessarily as part of animal agriculture and other human practices. There are over 800 chapters of the Anonymous for the Voiceless worldwide. Many people just don’t know what happens to animals involved in these industries. There is no farm for animals to graze on in most of these facilities. These animals are systematically raised in warehouses without windows, tortured, and killed for food. In North Carolina millions of these animals were trapped in these warehouses and were left to die.

We wouldn’t dare come to the south and not try the vegan soul food!

You could literally get all your holiday shopping done here at this festival. Everything from toiletries to t-shirts were available for festival goers to purchase! You could even adopt a retired greyhound dog. They have dogs ready for adoption at Greyhound Pets of America. Get your shopping done, adopt a dog, and get some great plant-based food to eat or share. With 40 percent of American’s trying to adopt a more plant-based diet, we can’t think of a better place for everyone to visit and try it all!

Vegfests are great to make new vegan friends!

Food without evil means animal-free!

Jane Velez-Mitchell speaks at the Lowcountry VegFest • Hilton Head Island, SC! In the wake of Hurricanes Florence & Michael with more to come, is it time for the South to make a switch to plant-based? Guess what? It’s happening!

No need to leave your best friend at home. This Vegfest was dog friendly!

One person transitioning to veganism is all it takes to help save thousands of animals in that person’s lifetime and help stop adverse climate change. “Are you ready to change the world??” What happened in North Carolina was a tragedy. People lost their lives and their homes. The land was devastated and millions of farm animals died, drowning in the locked warehouses they call farms. Many died from starvation because they could not get the food through the flooded roads to them. The torture these animals endure to supply humans with animal products is appalling.

Speciesism should be a phenomenon of the past. Just think in another country it’s acceptable to farm and eat dogs…

Animals need rights and protections under the law. The killing of animals is unnecessary and cruel. Jane explains, that while we are “killing these animals, they are killing us.” Most of us know someone who is suffering from heart disease. A main contributor to heart disease is cholesterol, which is only found in animal products. It all boils down to big business. People are making money from the factory farms that they have never stepped foot in, and when people get sick pharmaceutical companies make a literal killing from their suffering. Processed meat is a carcinogen. Meat is not meant for human consumption. The sooner people realize their part of the vicious cycle and stop, the better chance we have of saving this planet and our species.

Make sure your dog is wearing their proper sun protection! Haha!

Please come to vegan festivals and bring all of your friends. Please take a stand for the animals and the planet and everything in existence. Become an activist in any way you can so you can be a big part of the solution. Tell everyone the truth, and keep telling them until they hear you and internalize it. Change begins with you, but it doesn’t end there. Harness your power and help us make a plant-based less cruel world for the sake of all beings!
Jane Velez-MItchell reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell

“Be kind, eat plants”. We couldn’t say it any better!

“Oh My Cod” it’s not cod and no fish were harmed making this vegan seafood.

So many different flavors to try!

We truly appreciate this organizations efforts. If the oceans die, so do we.

This Vegfest even had live music for everyone!

Cheers to your health with fresh pressed juices!

Save room for Revolution gelato!