The LIBERATION SONG for the hundreds of thousands of animals who have needlessly perished in factory farm fires. They literally burn alive and have no way out. “Burning Souls”, along with The Save Movement have taken to the streets of the The Hague, Netherlands, to say, no more! Many politicians were out in support of the demonstrators, another major sign that the animal rights movement is exploding globally! Dani Rukin reports for #JaneUnChainedEurope

Not A Dry Eye When Politicians Stand Up In Support Of Animal Rights At The Hague! #JaneUnChainedEUROPE LIVE outside The Hague, Netherlands with Burning Souls and The Save Movement protesting the over 100,000 factory farm animals who’ve been burned alive in barn fires this year in their country. Party for the Animals is leading the way for political support for the animals! Dani Rukin reporting for


Powerhouse animal rights advocate and Member of Parliament with Partij voor de Dieren (The Party for the Animals), Esther Ouwehand!