#JaneUnChained LIVE at at the star-studded Mercy for Animals Hidden Heroes Gala in Los Angeles. Kat Von D, Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel, Alexandra Paul and many other celebs gather to honor undercover investigators who go into factory farms to expose the institutionalized abuse of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs and goats! Simone Reyes takes us into the glittering event to raise funds to make life better for voiceless animals!
Alicia Silverstone was awarded the Hope Award for being such an amazing voice for the animals. As mentioned, she is extremely involved in her work advocating for animals and has been for decades! We recently saw Alicia speak in Sacramento on the behalf of SB 1249 the Cruelty-Free cosmetics act. She is embodiment of Hollywood celebrity who is glamorous and willing to fight for what she believes in, animal welfare. She speaks of the moment she made the connection and decided that if she would not eat her dog, then eating other animals was not acceptable for her. Thank you Alicia Silverstone for making the connection, and for helping countless others see and make it as well. You are a true celebrity role model and inspiration for everyone!

Nathan Runkle tells the story of a hunter named Andy who shot a duck and watched it die. He realized in the moment the duck died that there was no difference between the duck and the dog he had at home. Andy transitioned to veganism and he became an undercover investigator.  He filmed the chickens being tortured and beaten to death in the facility. His investigation lead the owners to plead guilty to criminal animal abuse and the factory farm was shut down. By stepping outside of his comfort zone and living the truth, Andy was able to save countless animals from being killed.

Jane and That Snarky Vegan Girl having a great time at the MFA Gala!

Mercy For Animals new president Leah Garces also gives a speech about how her son made a drawing about floating away on balloons to another planet above the pollution we’ve caused as a species on this one. Leah has travelled all around the world and she has seen horrible animal abuses, but the worst abuse she saw was factory farming. She has since then focused her entire career towards ending factory farming. She is currently working on the treatment of chickens in factory farms. Leah says we do not need a planet b and she knows that the strength of the people in the movement will create hope for change for everything we know in existence.

The Mercy For Animals sign shines above this star-studded night!

Please visit the Mercy for Animals Website for more information and information about becoming an undercover investigator. Together we can change the world.

That Snarky Vegan Girl and Simone Reyes both looking amazing for the event!


This was a glamorous black tie event with everyone looking amazing!

Winner of the best jacket category shined so bright the camera couldn’t capture the details! Haha!

Guest stop for a fun photo opp with cute props!

Photo booth photos are more fun with friends! 🙂


An inside peak of the MFA Gala!


That Snarky Vegan Girl having fun with some light up headphones that are almost as cool as she is!